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Groupe Defis Inc. has accumulated thirty years of experience in the conception, manufacturing and distribution of automated products mainly in the packaging and transformation of varied products.

Group DEFIS (Challenge) Company is a privately held corporation dedicated to its employees and its customers. Collectively we are challenged to become the leaders in our chosen field. We are driven by the following mission statement and guided by a set of core values.

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The first cigarette manufacturing automatic machine

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Group DEFIS Inc offers to manufacturing companies to acquire the rights of production of our cigarette making machines and to sell them exclusively on defined territories. Please forward your request with a description of your activities to


MBF-100PU (My best friend public stand)
for tobacco stores

MBF#100PU « My best friend#100 Portable Unit » is the fastest growing segment in the cigarette outlet business. Now, you can take full advantage of the RYO boom with the MBF #100PU « My best friend » --the only machine of its kind in successful operation. This unique, proven machine allows your customers to roll a carton of cigarettes in your store in 2 minutes.

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MBF-50 (My best friend)

Machine Cigarettes

MBF-100 (My best friend)

Machine Cigarettes

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Machine Cigarettes


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Cigarette Making Machine
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Cigarette Making Machine
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Start your own business with a minimum of investment and produce cigarettes according to your client's tastes.

The return on your investment within a couple of weeks.

Order your machine on the Internet (discretion guaranteed and safe and insured services)

  • Defis machines are compact, reliable, easy to operate, portable and safe.

  • Free operators formation (with interactive CD, on the internet, in the factories).

  • Starting the machine, the operator follows the instructions on the screen.

  • Manipulation of the cassettes or operate the machines is easy.

  • Cassettes dedicated with the tubes dimensions.

  • For the operator is an easy handling product.

  • Use Leaf tobacco without stems or pre-cut.

  • Fresh cigarettes, flavour follows the choice of the producers and the taste of smokers.

  • Production following the machine is between 25 and 100 cigarettes per minute.

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