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Packing with a pre-stretched plastic film
To cover various products by means of a pre-stretched plastic film in order to obtain a firm, flexible packing for the various applications which is also economical. The length of the product can reach several meters. Speed is according to the perimeter of the parts. The system functions automatically and is integrated on the lines of existing production

Packaging with polyethylene pellicle
One of the economical ways for packaging varied products like food boxes, cans, fruits, tools, etc., consists in covering them with a polyethylene pellicle. The automated equipments for packaging these varied products are simple, inexpensive and economical. The systems are changeable, easy to use, well adapted and suited for the most varied productions. The most developed systems are activated by servo-motors and integrated controls which permits to insert them easily to the existing production lines.

Packaging and thermoforming
Vacuum packaging or in compartments custom-made especially for particular products is possible by systems of thermoforming or product sealing. The applications are mostly varied and the equipments are suitable as well for hardware parts, clothing, food, pills, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The systems may be semi-automatic or endowed with systems of supply, counting, dose and/or products inspection. The selection of machines is made according to the applications.


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