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Manual load horizontal cartoner
Semi-automatic machine; the employee will set in order the products in the machine compartments and the machine will insert them in the boxes and close them automatically. The system is conceived to package varied products in boxes of varied sizes.Automatic loading systems are available on request.

Vertical packaging in rigid cardboard boxes
Automatic machine to package vertically containers, booklets, tubes and/or others in rigid cardboard boxes. The speeds are fast depending on the applications. The products may come directly from the production lines, a supply or independent packaging system. Manipulators or robots activated by servo-motors are available as well as certain products requiring a volumetric control.

Horizontal wrapper in cardboard boxes
Automatic machine to form cardboard folded boxes and insert inside food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other products. The variable speed is approximately 120 BPM and the adjustments are fast to satisfy a diversity of products. The construction with a cam transmission of very high quality insures precision, durability and delicate movements by the machine. (barrel cam insertion mechanism). The insertion of booklets and other options are available on request.

Box erector
Automatic compact machine to open folded boxes, to form them and to strengthen them with glue or adhesive tape. The flexible system is adapted to receive boxes of varied sizes, variant of 4,5’’x 7’’x 18’’ (115 x 78 x 458 mm). The speed is 16 boxes per minute depending on the nature of the boxes. This system can be easily synchronized with the production line.

Varied fillings and packagings in cardboard boxes
Automatic machine to form boxes, to strengthen them with glue or adhesive tape and to insert in them varied products. This high technology equipment is the most competitive. It possesses quick adjustments easily adaptable to varied productions and products. The integrated controls and the construction by synchronized mechanisms permit a production of 100 boxes per minute.


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