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Vertical wrapping of varied products in sealed bags
Automatic machine; the products are forwarded automatically to the machine. The quantity and dosing constitute a modular section of this equipment which is available on request.

Varied packagings in sealed bags
Semi-automatic machine; the employee will place the products on the accumulation table. Automatic system available on request.

Varied packagings in plastic bags
Whether for candies, hardware parts, spices or food in bulk, plastic bags constitute a simple way for packaging. We master the technology to package products with bags already formed or to manufacture bags directly with a machine depending on the needs. These equipments may be endowed with systems to place in order, inspect, count or others depending on the diversity of the products to be packaged. Placing the products in bags may also be interesting by the quality of its presentation on displays.

Volumetric cup fillers
Indexing style mechanism with 6-8 stations. Speeds up to 80 cycles per minute. Maintenance free. Filling granular and ground dry products with accuracy and cleanliness.


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