Low Cost Cigarette Making Systems

Cigarette Machine

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Cigarette Making Machine

Looking for a way to reduce your costs when it's time producing cigarettes? We have been spending over 5 years of R&D creating and manufacturing the ultimate low cost cigarette making system. This equipment will allow you to generate higher profits (or even else start their own cigarette production/distribution), reduce your training costs (only a few hours to train a fully functional operator) and save your space (fits in a 10'' x 10'' room). Then, you can start producing your own fresh cigarettes from tobacco leaves with our easy-to-use low cost cigarette making system.

Groupe Defis is an internationally-known company located in Canada (Montreal, Quebec). We have over 30 years of experience in the fields of automation / packaging machines and prototype development. We can also conceive prototypes on request to fulfill your needs.

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